Military and Commercial



Drs. Baird and Shkuratov receive the 2008 Army Achievement Award

Since 2004, a focus of our research in this area has been miniature devices for high-power microwave and electromagnetic pulse generation. Commercial applications of Loki’s explosive-driven pulsed power generators include the following:

  • disposable X-ray sources for NDT and for imaging explosive tests
  • starting engines in extremely cold weather
  • oil and mineral exploration
  • power generation for rescue systems in remote areas
  • propulsion systems and electromagnetic launchers
  • rapid charging of capacitors
  • magnetized target fusion
  • destruction of chemical and biological agents
  • power for the initiation of other reactions (fusion, chemical, etc.)
  • power for burst signal transmission and for vehicle disablement

Other applications will appear as the pulsed power devices become more visible to the commercial market.