Loki Incorporated conducts explosives engineering and ballistic effects research, and investigates the engineering and defense applications of miniature pulsed power. Headquartered near Springfield, Missouri, Loki also has a research laboratory in Lubbock, Texas. Loki also provides engineering services and consultation to the explosives, propellant, and pyrotechnics industry.

Ballistic Effects


Loki performs engineering-level ballistics effects research and testing in its lab and on its three outdoor ranges at the Missouri location. We typically load our own ammunition and tailor it specifically to the needs of a customer’s test. Learn more

R&D in Explosives Engineering


Loki uses its Explosives Engineering expertise to develop proprietary technologies and to assist other companies with energetic materials-related development and applied engineering efforts. Learn more

Defense RDT&E


Propelled by the U.S. Department of Defense Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, Loki develops explosive-driven pulsed power sources of several types, to include Ferromagnetic, Ferroelectric, and Flux-Compression Generators. Read more

Expert Witness Services


Loki provides legal expert witness services where appropriate in cases involving energetic materials. Since 1999, attorneys from across the US have used Loki’s services in a number of cases related to energetic materials manufacture, and explosives and pyrotechnics accidents. Read more

Consulting Services


Several nuclear commercial power generation companies have consulted with Loki on blast- and ballistic-resistant security measures, and Loki often assists other small businesses in the design, evaluation, deployment, and implementation of commercial security devices. Read more

Military and Commercial


In addition to the mentioned military applications for technologies developed by Loki, commercial applications include power generation for the initiation of other reactions, oil and mineral exploration, propulsion systems, and electromagnetic launchers. Read more