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Hornady Sub-X® bullets

Review: Hornady 190-Grain Sub-X Ammunition and Bullets for 300 AAC Blackoutmore_vert

Review: Hornady 190-Grain Sub-X Ammunition and Bullets for 300 AAC Blackoutclose

This is a review that focuses on the overall performance and comparison of factory versus handloaded ammo. Specifically, I used the Hornady 190-grain, Sub-X ammunition and bullets for my .300 AAC Blackout rifles. I own several guns in .300 AAC Blackout caliber, and only one is not based on an AR semi-automatic action. It’s a […]

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Review: Mantis BlackbeardX Training Systemmore_vert

Review: Mantis BlackbeardX Training Systemclose

You may have heard of one of the Mantis products, such as the Mantis X or the X10 Elite training systems, but Mantis recently released an upgrade to their Blackbeard AR-15 training system that combines the functionality of the Mantis X with the Blackbeard – hence, the BlackbeardX. In a nutshell, the Mantis BlackbeardX allows […]

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Mantis X10 and Mantis packages

Review: Mantis X10 Elitemore_vert

Review: Mantis X10 Eliteclose

The Mantis X10 Elite combines the utility of each Mantis X model into a single system, and the X10 Elite works with pistols, shotguns, rifles, and bows. It uses the same Mantis X application (updated from the original as per most apps) as the original system. The X10 Elite incorporates a simplified method of attachment […]

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